Sub Zero

8v8 Strongholds

Map Description

  1. Garrett757
    This is a large BTB map meant for Strongholds, CTF, Team slayer. Testing it was extremely fun. I tried to make the map look as realistic as possible, as I was going for a Russian northern sub base feel and I think I achieved that. The map consists of 3 big submarines in their docks surrounding them, 2 huge hangers flanking the middle terminal a control tower near blue base, a repair garage near red base, 2 big cranes, and the map is littered with containers.

    Each team spawns on opposite sides of the map with a chain gun warthog. There are walkways that are straight shots to each teams base while there are each teams terminal that is on the dock closes to them. CTF is really fun as players have the option of trying to get back to base using warthogs or risk it in the open going over the walkways. For Strongholds I recommend 200 points or 3 rounds

    Weapons on map: 4 Battle rifles, 2 assault rifles, 4 smgs, 2 sniper rifles, 2 DMR's, 1 rail gun, 1 saw, 1 chain gun turret. 2 plasmas 2 splinter grenades

    Vehicles: 2 Warthogs, 1 rocket hog

    Gamer Tag: G MAN 2510

    I highly encourage you guys try this map out you will not be disappointed. This may be the last map I forge so please give me any and all feedback!
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  1. I like the submarines and I like this map


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