Map Description

  1. Buddy Jumps
    S T R A N D E D

    an immersive and difficult solo jump map
    Oldschool | No abilities

    "A heavy storm at night clashed your ship against razor-sharp breakers... You were washed ashore.

    It won't be long before you find signs of civilization and... dead people. They seem to have been killed only a few days ago, but you can't find any marks of used violence."



    Try to find a new boat and get off this damned island!



    You eventually get to a castle garden, which has a sealed exit on the other side... Collect the captive souls of the people and break the seal with their power!

    Your body can't endure all the energy forever, so you have to be very quick, otherwise the souls are pulled back to their place!




    If you have any questions about the solution or the end of the story, please leave them here in this thread. Thank you for reading!

    Last note: Spring jumps are required, this map is fair, but extremely hard to complete. Good luck!


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