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  1. Squally DaBeanz
    Stockade<br /><br />By Squally DaBeanz<br /><br />Stockade is a medium sized asymmetrical industrial styled map based on the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer map "Firebase White." The map mainly consists of a high exterior, a low exterior, and an interior space connecting them. Each team gets a Sniper close to spawn, with a neutral Rocket launcher in the center of the heli-pad, and a neutral Sentinel Beam in the conveyor belt room. Most of the player traffic will be toward the top of the map, leaving the low side open for safe spawning. Long sightlines and multiple flanking routes allow players to be aware of enemy positions and never be trapped.
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    Download:<br />1- Add me as a friend on XBL.<br />2- Go to campaign timing leaderboards, display friends.<br />3- Search Halo 1 &amp; 2 campaign on normal for my name.<br />4- Select me, go to file share.
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    Hey I remember this map from Halo Reach and Halo 4! I hope we have the pleasure to play this map on Halo 5 too. Glad to see this map is still evolving, I remember liking king of the hill a lot on here. Hey, that grav lift made its way to the MCC version;)

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