Station 47 - Exterior

Map Description

  1. hunter207
    A massive outdoor map, featuring multiple ruins scattered about the landscape. Features massive sightlines, and a highly detailed UNSC outpost. This has been an on and off project, and I feel it's now at a point that I can't really do any more work. Had a lightmap of 198% at one point. That was terrible. It's only just barely manageable now. I'll probably make an infection themed version of this map, without all the landscape and ruins (just the outpost). I also have plans to do a separate map for the interior of the building that's attached to the vehicle repair bay, which will also have an attached bunker.

    The map supports non serious 8v8, if you can organize it. Lot's of vehicles and weapons at either teams spawns that you can play around on the battlefield with. It can be really fun if you get a large lobby and you have people moving about the map trying to hold or push positions as a group.

    There are performance issues on the map, so don't expect to play any super serious competitive matches on this. Some objects pop in and out at long distances, and there's some frame rate drops in some places.
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