1. Update 2019-10-27

    150 second H2 Beam, Binary, and Scattershot added to 150 Snipe Sword prefab for Mythic maps.

    Added 120 H2 Beam, 120 Scattershot, 180 Plasma Caster
  2. Fix for round-based games.

    Update 2019-10-17

    Static Timed Weapons now function properly from the second round on in round based games. In order to fix your map you must replace the control brains with the new Static Weapons Brains prefab linked below. Existing weapon clusters do not require alteration.

    Prefab repaired by Yumudas and AddiCt3d 2CHa0s
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  3. Prefab Simplification

    The prefabs have been updated too make placement easier.

    The previous prefabs contained 4 of each weapon which meant you had to delete up to 36 weapons to reach the intended 4 weapons you were placing.

    The prefabs now contain ONE of each weapon.

    After deleting the unneeded weapons in the set builders will now duplicate the remaining weapon 3 times to make the required 4 weapons per pool.

    The instructions have been edited to reflect this change.
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  4. New weapons and timers

    Railgun added to 180 & 180b Weapons.

    Plasma Caster, FRG, Railgun, Hydra Launcher, and Binary Rifle added to both 120 & 120b Weapons.

    New 90 & 90b Prefabs which include Shotgun, Needler, Hammer, Light Rifle, Sentinel Beam, DMR, and Scattershot on a 90 second timer.

    Changed the main Scripting Brain Prefab to accommodate 90 second timers.

    NOTICE: We found a small glitch with how these prefabs work in Forge Mode. There is a check on the main Brain Cluster...
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