StarFox Vehicle Pack

Map Description

  1. Omni42

    Something something barrel roll something. (Is that a dead meme yet?)

    List of Prefabs (all are flyable unless otherwise noted):

    Arwing 64-OR/A (Arwing from StarFox 64, On-Rails Mode [wings back], in Atmosphere [pink engine glow])
    Arwing 64-AR/S (All-Range Mode [wings out], in Space [blue engine glow]
    Arwing 64-AR/A (All-Range Mode, in Atmosphere)
    Arwing 64-OR/S (On-Rails Mode, in Space)
    Wolfen 64
    Assault Arwing (Launch) [wings folded, engine trail included; not flyable]
    Assault Arwing (Boost) [wings back]
    Assault Arwing (Default) [wings open]
    Assault Wolfen
    Assault Wolfen (Prop) [engine trail included; not flyable)


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