Splatter monkey


Map Description

  1. Mauimndz
    Survivors spawn on the middle platform, and the infected on the a random bigger platform surrounding the central one. The infected need to use a car, launch themselves to the central platform, and kill the humans in it!

    Alfa infected: Small camo, infected sword and gravity hammer.

    Infected: infected sword.

    Survivors: Shotgun, and brute plasma rifle. 4 plasma granades. Infinite ammo.

    Last man: Buttom less clip and infinite ammo.


    To respawn in one of the 4 platforms surrounding the central platform, you have to choose a certain teleporter when respawning, the platform depends on the number written in it.

    Rounds: 6 rounds default.

    Players recommended: 3-5 with friends. 5-6 for a "calmed match" 7-10 for a hard but fun match. 11-16 NOT RECOMMENDED. (My favorite number is 9 players).

    Feedback of the map can be sent to here on ForgeHub, my twitter (@mauimndzforge) or to my totally not “A bit much” e-mail (mauimndzforge@gmail.com)
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Recent Reviews

  1. ZombieDyer ZombieDyer
    Pros: This is a faithful remake of splatter monkey. If you enjoyed it back in "the good ol' days" then you'll like this equally as much.

    Cons: There is no attempt at originality or improving a classic map, so either you love this map with a burning passion or you're after some cheap bookmarks. Either way, because of this I can only award you and your map an "average" at best.

    Suggestions for improvement: If you wanted to recreate this map to the boring standards of reach and prior, then just leave it at that. However, should you wish to challenge yourself, then I would experiment a tad more lad.

    As always, let me know if you update your map and I'll update my review.

    Sam :)


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    Mauimndz updated Splatter monkey with a new update entry:

    Splatter monkey, not sword monkey.

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    back at it again
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