Spawn Fun


Map Description

  1. The Aclopolipse
    Tired of custom lobbies spawning you in front of a clan of players, ready to mow you down in seconds? What if they had to earn that advantage instead?

    Spawn Fun takes players through five trials of precision, speed, and timing in using Halo 5's movement mechanics. They can be difficult on their own, but new challenges emerge when up to 7 opponents are racing for that same goal.

    The corresponding gametype swaps out player damage for increased knockback on melee attacks and Spartan Charges. Intercept an opponent's jump, knock them off a platform, or even send them off a cliff with a well-placed Spartan Charge to send them back a stage...or several.

    At the end of the course, the winner receives the prize that gives the map its name. They gain a cornucopia of weapons while the losers die and respawn in a small room. What follows is 30 seconds of (mostly) guilt-free killing as players prepare for the next round.


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