1. Map, and Vehicle Reworking No. 1

    Vehicle (3 total items):
    - Increased all vehicle re-spawn times from 30-to-60 seconds to 120 seconds.
    - Added one Gungoose ATV to each team's vehicle arsenal.
    - Added one rocket warthog to each team's vehicle arsenal.

    Map (9 total items):
    (Blue team - 2):

    - Relocated rock protrusion at the top-right of home base, so players no longer encounter [Scorpion] movement stalls.
    - Added terrain piece at the top of home base to facilitate smooth vehicle movement.

    (General - 7):
    - Added line of sight blockers to the "flats, zulu resort, eight ball, side flats, and the church".
    - Adjusted objects around "Castle Bravo" to include an additional escape route for top-side players.
    - Added five "twister (small)" sound effects inside the church, west hall, and in the east hall.
    - Placed invisible blockers around red, and blue team spawn areas.
    - Added functioning light effects to "eight ball, and zulu resort".
    - Adjusted panzer III located at the "west wall" to allow wider range for large vehicle movement.
    - Simplified "wood, and stone corner" objects to reduce budget.
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