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  1. PUNISHER2510
    Adventure through the land completing quests and defeat the boss.

    Scripted A.I.
    Boss Fight
    Player VS Player System
    Individual Team Scores

    Game Mode:

    Max Players:


    Min Players:

    How to Play & Miscellaneous Info:

    Choose any team you want to be on. Teams each have their own score and players share points with other players on their respective team.​

    A nav marker will be displayed indicating current quest objectives. Complete each task prompted to move forward in the quest line after. All players share the same quest line.​

    Score points by killing enemies while you are within their range. Some other ways to score points is by farming grass in the main town, collecting gold coins, and completing certain quests. Killing other players subtracts 50 points from your team score.​

    Spend points at shops when you have the listed price. Be sure to grab your item quickly after purchasing because it will disappear after a couple of seconds. Spending points subtracts your teams score. If you have a negative score there are shops you can use through the water drain in the main town. The bar can also be used to get drunk, but doesn't require a set score, it continually subtracts 10 points from your team score.​

    Player Rep System:
    Teams with negative scores have a red marker over their head indicating to avoid. Teams with positive scores have a green marker over their head indicating neutrality.​

    Player VS Player:
    Player killing is only enabled outside of the main town and in the Arena.​

    There is an issue with the player rep system and player scoring when killing other players. I couldn't quite get the scripting to work right. Player scores do not subtract from team scores as intended. But purchasing beer from the bar still subtracts 10 points. If anyone knows how to fix this I would appreciate it. I am also low on the amount of scripts and objects I have left, so a low script/object solution would be nice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Sword of Malnok

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    You could try turning your player score into a number, and then have the team score script look at that number. Something to experiment with. Anyway, concept sounds interesting.
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  2. ExTerrestr1al

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    liked for the scripting initiative you've taken!

    hit me up if you'd like to hear an idea I just thought of for making players drunk when they've had X amount of beer :D
  3. PUNISHER2510

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    Yeah I tried figuring out a way to do that but I couldn't figure it out since there isn't an actual "When: player player score" script option
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    Yeah that would be dope. If I'm able to clean up some of the scripting I might be able to implement that. Right now I have it to as soon as you drink one you get "drunk".
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  4. Sword of Malnok

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    There IS a number:check option though. You might have to add another action so that player score is just an aesthetic, while team score will look at the number. Easier to do when looking at it personally.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 21, 2017 ---
    I've also been talking with ExTerrestr1al about the drinking script, and I have formulated a simple one that you could implement, while you will have to make channel adjustments yourself to avoid conflict.
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