Spartan Pro Fishing 2019


Map Description

  1. PUNISHER2510
    YeE yEe BroTher iT's FisHiN SeAsoN!

    How To Play:
    Survivors are the "Fish" and must feed at feeding spots so they don't lose health. Infected are the "Fishermen" and must use the boats to travel through the water. Fisherman have to use their grenade launchers to kill the fishes in the water.

    Game-play Mechanics:
    • Infected spawn above water and must use boats to travel through the water
    • There are 6 boats which each have 2 visible seats and one driver
    • Each boat has a maximum seating occupancy of 6
    • When exiting seats there is a teleporter on each boat that will teleport you back onto the boat so you don't fall off
    • Boats are operated by entering the invisible tank weld
    • No, the tank shells can't be used for fishing
    • Infected can not go below the water
    • Infected start out with Reach grenade launchers
    • Grenades launched may be held and "reeled" in when you want to, thus emulating the fishing aspect
    • Infected do not have unlimited ammo, but can find more at the bait shop
    • Infected radar is maxed out to see where the survivors are in the water when they move
    • Survivors are equipped with swords that do very little damage
    • Survivors are slowly damaged if not in a feeding spot
    • Survivors can heal and gain 1 point per second while they are in the healing/feeding zones
    • Survivors may go above water but will still slowly lose health if not in a feeding zone
    • Feeding zones will randomly change every 30 seconds, thus promoting movement.
    • Of course due to infection glitch, rounds do not work.

    Player Count:
    2-16 players

    Let's Go Fishin!


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