Spartan Island Resort


Map Description

  1. Mr Metal Man

    Spartan Island Resort is a new Infection map for Halo 2 Anniversary.

    The map takes place at night. The center compound houses the survivors. And the outside spawns the zombies. It is made to be played with the game type "Swamp Zombies" But can be played with other game types.

    Be advised: The map is designed to keep the survivors inside, therefore it is preferred that the survivors have 0 jump height, as to prevent them from jumping through windows.

    Swamp Zombies plays similar to other fat man style game types. Where 1 zombie is slow and strong, while the additional infected being fast and weak.

    "Front Entrance to the Resort"

    The map ideally works as a linear style progression map. The survivors start in a room together, and soon will need to endure the zombies. After 30 seconds, a light turns on, and the survivors can open the first door.

    The second area is a larger space, that is essentially a lobby with benches, aesthetics and weapons. After a total of 1:30, the map really expands. The survivors have 2 options...

    One way leads to a storage area. Complete with a janitors closet, and crates that can be dropped to block doorways.

    The other way leads to the cafeteria. Complete with a kitchen, tables, and registers.

    Once a total of 3 minutes have passed, the survivors have the option to fully open the map. From each of the previous rooms, lies the gates to the final areas. of the map.

    The cafeteria leads to the rec room. Complete with a soccer ball, weight bar and...
    A hot tub! In the pool houses an invisibility pick up. And anyone, including zombies who fall in the pool suffers from slowed mobility, and 0 Jump height.

    The utility area leads to the rooms. 4 large suites that include beds, guns and hiding spaces.

    All of this culminates in the front desk. The computers at the desk, open a center gate that leads to the original waiting area. Thus opening the entire map up.

    The final room is the generator room. Located right behind the front desk, this room houses a generator, a sentinel beam and the bomb (if playing flight)
    PRO TIP: Zombies can break in right away and shut the generator off, turning off the lights in the building. Doing this makes it even darker for the survivors, and the only way to turn them on is to make it all the way to the room and manually switch it back on.

    The zombies spawn outside of the compound. There are 11 boarded up windows (which can be seen with the lights above them), 5 rooftop entrances, and overshield, invisibility and speed boost, that all spawn at various intervals throughout the game.

    Some things to note:
    -Every room has at least 2 entrances/exits to ensure a way to escape the chase.
    -There is a lighting issue with the map Awash, it seems to make the 1st round of gameplay abnormally dark. It usually brightens as the game progresses past round 1.
    -Nobody should have a radar in the match, it really keeps your heart pumping.

    To download the map:
    -Click on your name while playing Halo MCC
    -Search for my gamertag: Mr Metai Man
    -Open my file share
    -Download Spartan Island Resort (or any other map you'd like)
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