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  1. Squally DaBeanz
    By Squally DaBeanz

    "This Covenant fueling depot employs advanced cloaking technology to stay hidden in open terrain."

    Sovereign is a Covenant themed symmetrical 4v4 map. It is modeled after my Halo 4 map "Inheritor," which took design inspiration from "The Pit" and "Gemini."

    The map consists of a central atrium, a base on either side, and a large curved walkway connecting all three. The curved walkway is broken up with small mounds of rolling cover, which also provide sneaky routes into the middle atrium. The middle atrium houses a central platform with Camo on top, and a Sword under the bridge. The back of the atrium is an elevated platform that connects to each base, and houses an exit for the teleporter on the curved walkway outside.

    Each base has two parallel ramps and a lift up to their high sides, which connect to the teleporter exit platform. There is also a balcony in each base that overlooks a side of the curved walkway, and feeds directly into the middle of the map.

    The original idea of "Inheritor" was to build a map specifically for Ricochet using design elements of "The Pit" and "Gemini." This lead to me creating open single atrium bases, and parallel routes between them that forced players to pick a choke point and push through it. The Halo 5 version is much more flexible due to the advanced movement available in the game, but the core idea still exists.

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    Glad you finally released this one, loved what you did here :) A simple layout with straight forward navigation and great execution! Glad to see you retain you signature style and a batter context for the 'inheritor' bases. Keep em' coming man

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