1v1 Slayer

Map Description

  1. PA1NTS
    Here it is, your official map for Round 7 of the 1v1 Smackdown Contest. Sovereign is a 1v1 map that was created by Eww Its Skinny And Myself. Frenchy's has told me that Hulter even helped with the layout. The map has come along way since then. It has been through countless versions, iterations and changes. The Forge Hub Staff have helped me fine-tune some of the more minor problems, along with pointing out some of the larger ones. <br /><br />Sovereign has some features that should appeal to a wide range; with an arena type atmosphere, balconies, ramps, platforms but still keeping views of the sky, rocks, and even some grass. The map generates some pretty exciting gameplay because of these vast differences. Although the map is fairly dynamic, it keeps an overall theme with those pretty orange walls. The jumps are makeable on pretty much all settings. Not that there's that many, but you can traverse the map without stalls. The map works best if enhanced radar is on. Because of the weapons, the amount of corners, and to prevent camping. <br />

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  1. Dobam Dobam
    Remember testing out this **** !!
    Back at the days Jordy jord (#my man) this was lit af...

    Dure, dure être un bébé
    Fais pas ci, fais pas sa
    Fais pas ci comme ci