1. I fixed (mostly) everything

    So, essentially i was looking back at this layout with the recently announced 2v2 contest thinking about potentially doing another unique 2v2 experience. In particular, I was looking at some of the key problems I had with this map, namely:
    1. Bottom room seeing way too much action
    2. Limited options to leave bottom room
    3. Blue spawn spiral getting no action
    Then i did one simple thing and fixed all of this. That's right, i literally just reversed the lower lift path.

    Of course, that hasn't been the only change. I've made minor changes to weapons including lowering the ammo on that damn beam rifle (why I had it with 100% energy, god only knows) and altered some cover along some upper ledges, a broken kill boundary and the window of the light rifle room. I've also slightly adjusted spawning although I still kinda hate the initial spawns.

    Regardless, the simple change mentioned earlier has much improved this map so that I'm much happier with it. Still cant be asked with improving the aesthetics at the moment, I've got a new 2v2 contest map to get to work on.
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