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  1. GrayishPoppy210
    Sooooooo... This Map.
    This has been a long time coming and I'm only really releasing it now as i can't seem to get anymore testing.

    Creating the map:
    When i first came up with the idea of this map, I knew i wanted to make something 'different'. I don't know why I decided to make a map focused around gravity sliders. I should've known it was a bad idea.
    The first draft of this map was just experimenting with the idea. This involved a lot of messing around with gravity sliders, trying to find ways to adjust their speed (unsuccessfully) and creating multiple small models to test different ways of geometry reacting with slider paths.
    This is the point where I went down the rabbit hole of, 'Hey, maybe this gravity slider concept would work well with Multi's key concept'. I set up some more gravity slider paths and experimented with ways they could interact with key doors (e.g. if you have key, door opens and you continue around path. Otherwise you a pushed of the slider path) and eventually i decided to go for it.
    Due to the speed of gravity slider paths scaling was difficult and so the original 2v2 plan was changed to 4v4. For some reason, I still thought the key concept could work in this situation. Long story short, it didn't. So that idea got scrapped.
    Leaving the key concept behind and returning to the original plan, I finally ended up with the first draft of the current version of the map. And a couple rescales of the map, and various other changes I ended up with the current version

    The map itself:
    A lot of the early mistakes I made with the gravity sliders was just treating them like gravity lifts, pushing you quickly up the map to powerful positions. Even the first draft of the current version of the map has slider paths like this. However, some of the original paths have actually been reversed. Instead of being quick routes up to power positions, the slider paths act as routes which allow you to quickly cross the map or escape an attack, at the expense of the height advantage.
    The majority of the map is open so the sliders are also very useful in allowing players to cross the map without having to worry about crossing the exposed middle of the map. The 3 sliders path wrap around the sides and are all relatively sheltered.
    From the testing I have managed to get, gameplay focuses around the central spiral where the beam rifle spawns. At this point 2 of the 3 slider paths end and the 3rd passes by below leading to the lower room where the damage boost is found (another high traffic area of the map). Players often drop down this way after collecting the beam rifle.

    That's all there is to say really, without literally just explaining the entire layout, so just check it out for yourself and please leave any feedback you can. Enjoy.

    p.s. Art is a work in progress. There should be updates to that, if I ever actually can be bothered.


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    Do you want to give it a spooky New Londo theme?
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    Wow that’s pretty sick

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