Map Description

  1. MooMoo
    SKYHOUSE is an infection map where new rooms become available over time.
    The Game Type to play on this map is Large Marge, which is similar to the popular Fat Kid game mode.

    //-- GAME TYPE --//
    Alpha Zombie:
    The Alpha Zombie, referred to as Large Marge, is very slow but cannot be killed (unless an assassination is performed).
    Large Marge is equipped with an energy sword and gravity hammer. Large Marge can also jump higher than the Survivors, to prevent players from camping out of reach areas. The goal is to infect all the Survivors.

    Players infected have the opposite traits of Large Marge. They can run fast but can be killed with a single hit. The goal is to help Large Marge infect all the Survivors.

    Survivors have the default player traits. The goal is to survive for 5 minutes.

    //-- MAP --//
    SkyHouse is a house built in the Skybox section of Sandbox.
    Over time, new locations will open up the the players.

    Timed Events:
    45 Seconds: Stairs to upstairs spawn
    1 Minute: Garage door closes
    90 Seconds: Pathway from Lawn to Second floor for zombies spawns
    2 minutes: Bedroom unlocks (can be closed)
    2 Minutes: First Teleporter for zombies unlocks (for backyard)
    3 Minutes: Bedroom second door unlocks (cannot be closed)
    3 Minutes: Balcony connecting to Bedroom unlocks
    3 Minutes: Weapon Shed forced open
    3 Minutes: Second Teleporter for zombies unlocks (for rooftop)

    Refer to the VIDEO for more details!

    Halo 3 has an issue with survivors committing suicide when cornered. To prevent this, players that die from suicides will spawn with custom power-ups that will make them vulnerable to zombies.

    //- INSTRUCTIONS -//
    How to download the Map and Game Type:
    1. Launch Halo MCC
    2. Go to the Main Menu
    3. Open the Roster
    4. Find Player
    5. Search gamertag: MOO FACE 5
    6. Download Game Type: Large Marge
    7. Download Map: Skyhouse
    8. Return to Main Menu
    9. Go to Custom Games
    10. Select the Map and Gametype


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