Siren's Call

4v4 Oddball

Map Description

  1. CertifiedChamp
    Podtacular Contest Submission
    Layout inspiration taken from Relic and Isolation. Self contained island with an emphasis on chaotic rotation and ramp fights in a 4v4 setting. Utilizing geometry to counter a seemingly powerful position will be an important feature. I decided to forgo traditional power positions in favor of three central positions on the top of the map (Two rock ramps and the lighthouse balcony) which are individually weak but when used together, watch and check each other allowing a good team to manipulate spawns.

    Thanks to LunarRaptor for lighthouse scripting, NightAvenger01 for weather scripting, props and general help and Xzamplez for feedback!

    Forged on Xbox Series X


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    that lighthouse looks beautiful oh my
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    something you have in common;)
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