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  1. Sins of Truth
    Hey everyone it's me Sins of Truth, very long time no see indeed. I do apologise for the immense time it's been since I've last uploaded on this site. I'm currently studying art at college so my personal life has been my top priority for some months now and as a result of which I've had an increased lack of Forge time.

    However with that being said I managed to forge this small interior cell the other day and figured I'd share it with you lot.

    Sins Interior Cell.
    This map features a small interior room that the player can roam around if they so please. The room itself is supposed to represent some sort of underwater facility or nuclear power plant that is submerged bellow the murky dark depths of the ocean. This room houses a worker, presumably doing maitenence on the deep sea diving gear within, as well as the mini reactor that is stored below the rooms surface.

    So that's it, nothing special but considering my time constrates I figured it would be a nice little forge to construct within my spare time none the less and I certainly hope you enjoy it's aesthetics.
    I'd hope to work on my own horror game in years to come so Forge Mode is a great little practice tool for me to experiment with lighting, sound and effects until then.

    I hope you've enjoyed and I'll see you all again sometime when I upload more content (probably in about 12yrs from now, with another shitty little room.) Seeya.

Recent Reviews

  1. ZombieDyer ZombieDyer
    Pros: The map's general style is unique in comparison to most established halo map designs. This is highly complimented my the atmosphere and bleak usage of colour which in turn helps emphasis the power exhausts (?).

    We also thought you had an interesting usage of pieces, showing minimal parts of said items to manipulate the surroundings.

    Cons: The lack of dynamic lighting makes the illuminated areas seem blotchy and shadows appear blocky. Although the map looks cool we would've liked to see more interactive elements such as a cover that could be opened using scripting to expose a window and underwater exterior. Maybe even a second room.

    Suggestions for improvement: Add more interactive parts to the map (keeping in mind object budget of course). Fix the lighting by setting "Dynamic" to "On".

    As always, let me know if you update your map and I'll update my review.

    Sam :)


  1. Ascend Hyperion

    Ascend Hyperion The Homeslice
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    Good stuff. Really like all the extra detail work. I wish you could make an entire map with this theme.
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  2. Sins of Truth

    Sins of Truth Spartan I

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    Thanks man. I'd certainly like to create a full sized map like this but realistically the budget of this sort of detail is just far too high. That being said it was a very enjoyable build none the less

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