Singularity CTF

8v8 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Swagonflyy
    This map is incredible. There is so much freedom on this map it really is my magnum opus. I've been forging Halo 5 maps for years with a special interest in AI since I happen to be an AI enthusiast.

    I've always tried to find different ways to create AI with Halo 5 Forge's scripting system. Over the years I found many different ways to do this without code nor mods. That's right, this map is mod-free. It is entirely possible to do this in Halo 5 Forge.

    In this particular map you don't have a single AI supporting players, but rather you have an entire AI mesh network that communicate with each other behind the scenes to provide transport, support, backup, reinforcement, intel gathering and a lot of other exciting things.

    Allow me to break it down since there's a lot going on:

    Let's start with the mesh network (a group of independent devices that work together irl). Basically the map is divided between many different invisible cells that are used to track player movement in real-time. Each team has their own set of cells that track the entire map.

    What the cells are doing is essentially communicating to the mesh network where the majority of a given team's players are currently located. This allows the AI to create a focal point in that location in order to coordinate backup, transportation and support since the majority of players on a given team are there and that's where they need help the most.

    With this information, the mesh network deploys the following:

    - Self-constructing bases: When the majority of a team enters a cell, that team's mesh network self-constructs bases on your location to fortify your position with additional weapons and structures in order to halt the enemy's advances by raising a huge fort that forces vehicles to go around it instead of taking the direct path and lots of weapons placed there. It also provides a safer landing zone for players to enter the phantom. There are several different strategies that can be employed here, such as halting enemy movement, advancing your position or flanking the enemy with the phantom that will land on your location and take you directly to the enemy's base.

    - Phantom - These are auto-pilot phantoms that are AI-powered. The phantoms use the cell network to determine where players need it the most in order to land in that particular location before dropping them off at the enemy team's base and returning to the friendly team's base. Many strategies are available with the phantom as you can see in the video.

    - AI-assistant: This one is particularly versatile as he not only hovers towards your team's cell but also provides backup by highlighting nearby enemy locations and attacking them and telekinetically sending vehicles towards a friendly team's location. He can also add waypoints to nearby weapons help them orient players towards different weapons on the outposts scattered across the map. Players should prioritize killing the AI-assistant since he is very deadly and can fulfill many different roles simultaneously such as advancing a team's position and providing backup and support along the way.

    All-in-all, this map took me nearly 3 weeks to complete and it was definitely challenging to make but its a lot of fun with the freedom it provides.
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