Ship Cannons


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  1. AngelitoCO
    Ship Cannons

    Ships equipped with rear cannons and the ability to drive backwards. Outdated ships don't stand a chance. To play with Cannonball evasion gameplay

    Gameplay: Cannonball evasion
    Uses infection as base gameplay

    Survivors goal: to avoid cannonballs by jumping and moving, will score 1 point each second survived, last spartan will gain 15 point.

    Infected goal: hit the survivors by activating the cannons, can be killed except the starting infected, giving the chance to enemies score 1 point for each kill

    How it works:
    Behind the survivors there's an invisible block that has a nav marker that says "Target" that moves behind players. When you activate the button, a cannoball will follow the target by the time you hit the button, if the survivor its in the way of the cannoball it will get hit and killed (sometimes it will just hit you taking a small amount of damage, due to scripting times and glitches) Cannonballs has a boundary that is scripted when players enter applies damage 100% to boundary activator

    The more survivors eliminated, the harder it will get to survive due to more cannons shooting at you

    Infected will spawn on the ships (image below)

    Survivor will spawn facing the ship cannons (image below Bottom right)

    Added / Fixed
    Soon / Needs Fixing

    Open to suggestions...
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  1. WAR

    WAR Cartographer
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    Do the cannons actually fire cannons? Would be amazing if possible...
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  2. AngelitoCO

    AngelitoCO Spartan I

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    I'll try to add a short gameplay.. The cannons actually fires black golf balls, that if they hit you, it will kill you
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  3. AngelitoCO

    AngelitoCO Spartan I

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    Here's a short teaser... I can't do much because not many people joined my session... When I play with a full lobby I'll do a full map showcase


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