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  1. CaptainDireWolf
    Hey all!

    FYI: The forger who came up with the scripting scheme for this is @Julianoz1224. He deserves all the love for making this gametype a reality!

    For those of you who want to understand how this shifting powerup scheme works visit the maps: PhaseShift or AquaShift.

    This shifting script prefab is the whole package, just ungroup when you place on your map. Here are some preparation tips to get the best use of the shifting/teleporting mechanism:

    - Build one map exactly how you want it to look (make sure piece count is below 800). Group everything and copy and paste it below or above where you want it. Set it to a vertical distance 180 units above or below the first map. (Ensure nothing moves in the horizontal directions!)
    - If you want to change this distance between maps for whatever reason, go into all 8 receivers and 8 holo orbs and change "script 1" vertical distance to plus (whatever you want) and "script 2" vertical distance to minus (same whatever you want).

    Next steps:
    - Surround upper map with blue script boundary
    - Surround lower map with yellow script boundary
    - Surround everything with orange script boundary (feel free to change bounds to cover everything)
    - Copy and place small green script boundary around placed weapons (ensures you can pick up the weapon)
    - Last but not least, it helped me to place a small colored block or script brain in doorways on the first map to plan which paths were open or closed in both realms.
    - Beautify your second map and place weapons and spawns
    - Prosper

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  1. Great new mode and use of scripting!


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    Just as an update, there was an error in the original prefab script. You can thank @Unsorted Gaming for helping me find it and now it works smoothly! I've updated it now so feel free to drop in the current prefab. Cheers.

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