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  1. ZombieDyer
    So this map is a remake of my ancient Halo Reach map its xl SharkBait lx.

    I wanted to keep the game as close to the original as possible and with a lot of trial and error, I finally managed to make a scripted system to mimic the classic reach "Safe Havens" gametype.

    The gameplay can be a bit jarring at first but to summarize, Humans have to travel between each green hill boundary whilst avoiding the zombies (sharks). Each hill lasts 20 seconds once any single survivor enters it. When the 20 seconds is up, the hill despawns and the second takes its place on the other side of the map.

    I'm still working on aesthetics and minor scripting issues, but we've decided it is still a fun and working gametype that you can enjoy as is for the time being.

    I'm hoping to release a video this time next week and will also updated the forgehub post to list anymore changes I will have made.

    Big thanks to all the lads in F-Con and @LazyStudio for feedback and suggestions for improvement.


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    I was going to ask what type of zombie game this was but then I looked at who made it @ZombieDyer5
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