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  1. Buddy Jumps

    Phew, haven't created an actual puzzle|adventure map since H2A, I'm here to reclaim my crown. Over the years, I've played all mentionable puzzle maps in Halo 5 and have yet to be impressed by an immersive|non-goofy|well-lightened level. It's a shame, Buddhacrane is missing in action.

    Going into H6, I would wish the puzzle|jumping forgers to up their game.

    Bring me good puzzles!


    I decided to end my endeavour in core map design|art for the time being and concentrate on delivering exciting and immersive puzzle experiences with Shadowstone being the first in line.

    This level takes you into a dark dungeon inviting you to explore mysterious caves and diverse environments! Many seek this artifact of immense power, but are you able to find und control it?
    If you are a Zelda|Dark Souls fan, Shadowstone is going to satisfy you with the given constraints of Halo 5 Forge in mind.

    One of the selling points of this level besides being immersive and atmospheric is its sound design, as I made sure to time music and vfx right to craft a believable experience.

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the map and boss fights, this map is limited to one player! I can't guarantee anything, if you play it with two or more players... Definitely a map that is best played at night, as it is quite dark sometimes, although legibility shouldn't be a big problem.

    I'm not going to show you more than the picture above, sorry. Experiencing and seeing something for the first time is very important to bring in that surprise and excitement factor. You'll thank me later.

    Needless to say, you start with a magnum, as in my opinion an energy sword would be even less authentic. I really wish 343 would implement a "no-weapons" loadout in Halo 6, it would increase the level of immersion for puzzle|jump maps dramatically.

    Until then, have fun!


    P.S. Those tacky rectangular exits in the central chamber are a homage to a room in the Forest Temple in Zelda: Ocarina of Time wherein a huge hand would come down from the ceiling trying to catch you...

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  1. purely fat purely fat
    Drips sweat.


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