Series 7

4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Auggie Burr
    Introducing my new map "Series 7" into the world of Halo 5!

    BACKGROUND: My name is Eshkii, as many of you may know me. I've been around forging since the beginning of Halo 3. From Reach, Halo 4, and now onto Halo 5. I've been inspired since I was young for something to spark my creative ability and Forge has always been there to help on days where I just need to focus on something. I've created everything from Originals down to complete Re-Makes from previous titles down to the very angle they were designed on. I guess having years of experience helps a little! Hopefully more of you get to know me a little better, i'm always open for new friends and forging friends!

    MAP: The map initially was highly inspired by the older Halo titles, one of them being Halo 3. Halo 3 was just such an inspiration to everyone i think, from competitive gaming to those of us who just want to build. This has been built on the intentions for "Series 7" to focus solely on the way the map flows and not so much how it looks, though I did polish it some. I've added some new Halo 5 features such as the Slide and Clamber abilities to enhance how the map plays. I've got key choke-points to keep the competitive edge on it's peak, and it keeps the players thinking on their feet with the weapon diversity opening endless possibilities for a comeback.

    Objects: 1021/1024
    Groups: 0/128
    Scripts: 0/512
    FX*: 26%
    Lightmap: 128%
    Collision: 16%
    Physics: 4%

    PLAYERS: 2-16
    GAMETYPES: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, FFA.

    Gamertag: Eshkii
    Waypoint Profile:

    All criticism is much appreciated. Enjoy!

Recent Reviews

  1. Maps designed for competitive play often don't feature a lot of detail. Series 7 lives up to this, but does so elegantly. The lines are very clean and make the map easy on the eyes but not entirely boring, much like The Pit from Halo 3. It has just the right amount of everything, including strategically placed ability routes which can dramatically enhance gameplay.
  2. Was a blast to play test on, CTF is the gametype I would recommend. Clean forging and solid aesthetic theme, You did good Eshkii.
  3. Great map. Crisp and clean aesthetics and forging, solid gameplay. A standout map all around. Great work man.


  1. Sacui

    Sacui Forerunner
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    This guy's a good map creator. Been walking around on this map and it's simply great. The aesthetics are very punctual but nothing gets in the way. Very smooth and a great flow.
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    THE SLAMMERSS Creative Force
    Forge Critic Creative Force Senior Member

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    Love the simplicity Eshkii. The use of color to segment grey walls is perfect. Looking forward to getting some gameplay on it.
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  3. Ubersailfig

    Ubersailfig Spartan III

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    @Eshkii, did you change your gamertag or something? I can't find you. And i REALLY want to play your maps. Thx.
    #4 Ubersailfig, May 2, 2016
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