Sentinel Mint

4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

    Sentinel Factory has a long and storied history. It was originally built as a contender for the Bungie Day Playlist which was the very first Matchmaking Playlist featuring 100% Community built Forge 4v4 Core maps. Built in a time before the Ghost Merging exploit, where blocks had to be forcibly rammed into geo by late spawning 'pusher' blocks, guided by way of by way of elaborate truss systems. This map had dozens of those blocks, all (nearly) perfectly lined up.

    Unfortunately, i missed the Bungie Day Playlist submission deadline by 20 minutes. Since then i have been building different versions of this map with each new game, as a method to learn the new forge techniques and game mode applications.

    [​IMG]Enforcer Factory

    You can find the H2A BTB version here.

    This latest version was created from scratch in PC MCC using all but a dozen original Sandbox pieces, and many of the new toys. It's mainly a Flag map but Territories, KotH, and Oddball can be fun as well.


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