Sentinel Factory

4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

    While the map looks HUGE it's, in fact, nearly identical in size to Shrine (Sanctuary). Player movement time from Flag to Flag is 20 seconds.

    Sentinel Factory is a wide open Sniper map, which also provides many intimate play spaces for the many provided Dual-Wielding weapon sets.

    The unique layout prevents sight-lines from base to base, but as you move out from the bases the sight lines open up. Once you hit the half way point in either direction from base you can see the entire length, or width of the map, but not both at the same time.

    You don't often see vehicles on 4v4 competitive maps but the map was specifically designed to accommodate them, and to counter them. The Flag delivery time is exactly the same by vehicle, or by foot. Did i mention the vehicles are GUNgooses (removed in some modes).

    Sentinel Factory has been setup for all available game modes.

    Power Weapons
    2x Sniper
    2x Rockets (access removed in some modes)
    1x Shotgun
    2x Bruteshot

    Dual-Wielding Weapon Sets
    Plasma Pistol/Magnum
    Supressed SMG/Supressed SMG
    Plasma Rifle/Brute Plasma Rifle


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