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  1. Pat Sounds
    Every weapon in the game has at least three variants...except the Sentinel Beam. Why? What's the deal with that?

    In order to remedy this, I offer up my take on Tier 2 and 3 beam variants. Ive noticed that the way REQ variants often work is that Tier 2 REQs have an upgrade to ammo, fire rate, or damage, and Tier 3 REQs often have some sort of unique spin on the concept of the weapon itself. The Light Rifles are a great example - The Barbed Lance upgrades the power and fire rate, while the Dying Star changes the gun into a sort of Forerunner grenade caster. I tried to apply the same logic to creating these xtreme beamz. In this prefab you will find three weapon pads:

    Tier 1 - Standard Sentinel Beam
    The beam we know and love, as is with zero modifications.

    Tier 2 - Sorrow of Teash Sentinel Beam

    A sentinel beam blended with a Sorrow of Teash. This allows the beam to fire without overloading at all. The beam itself has no increased damage, but the entire clip fires in one charge. This is a very balanced upgrade to the Tier 1 beam and can be used in a lot of maps without breaking the game. You have an advantage because the beam is never interrupted, but the kill time is essentially the same as a standard Sentinel Beam. It ups the effectiveness of the weapon without changing its function. The charge sound also slowly builds up through the entire clip, which is pretty awesome.

    Tier 3 - Twin Jewels Sentinel Beam

    The mother of them all, and the coolest glitched weapon I've come up with so far. Dubbed 'the Sound of Silence' by Ascend Hyperion, the Twin Jewels Sentinel Beam combines the properties of the extremely powerful Binary Rifle without the ability to scope in. The beam does not fire continuously, but rather in bursts like a Binary. Each hit is a one hit kill, but also causes the weapon to overheat so there is a reload animation between each shot. The visual effect of the beam is also frickin awesome, as it combines both of the fx overlays of the Sentinel Beam and Twin Jewels. Refer to the above photo for an idea of how it looks.

    The 'Sound of Silence' is a true power weapon, and since it's blended with a beam, setting the weapon at 100% ammo gives it an unreasonable amount of shots. I recommend spawning it with significantly reduced ammunition to keep it balanced. Each full shot takes 6% energy, so use that as a reference point when setting up the weapon. If you are crafty, you can also cancel the firing animation partway and coax more shots out of it. What's interesting is that because you cannot scope in, this weapon is less of a sniper and more of a mid range power weapon. It's literally a dual sentinel beam, not a sniper in a different shell. If you want, you can find a prefab of this weapon specifically here.

    I hope you enjoy these weapons and make use of them in your forge projects. If you make a map and use one of these variants on it, feel free to post it in this thread. I'd love to see it!​
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