Sea Quad

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  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    Sea Quad -

    Canvas - outside 'Fathom'
    RACE - 10 Checkpoints per lap
    *(score 30, 40, 50 for 3, 4, or 5 laps)

    Mongoose Recommended
    Up to 16 Drivers

    This is a fast, mayhem track for you and your friends. Race underwater with the fishes on 'Fathom'. Banked corners and traffic intersections create heightened awareness as you speed around this chaotic cloverleaf. Have Fun! Drive Fast!

    Includes: '321-Go' start gate, quick-respawn, cross-traffic, space whales and assorted other fish.

    **This map was built for the mongoose, success is based on how well you control H5 goose "Bounce".
    ***The warthog can be used, but it is way bouncier, and the rally hog even more so. Use Caution.
    ****The ghost can also be used. Beware of the gaps in the track.

    - JAMN
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    So excited to try this out!!
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