1. Timer Adjustments, Exploit Fixes and Touch Ups

    Sandbarth V1.1 Update

    Hey everyone! I have made a few changes to my map to address some issues I've noticed while playing around with it. They are noted below:

    - Adjusted timers and spare clip sizes for power weapons to make them more in-line with other 4v4 maps
    - Adjusted timers for Battle Rifles and Carbines so they don't spawn as quickly
    - Adjusted a few equipment timers
    - Added 30 more seconds to Chopper spawn time
    - Fixed a hole in the top of red base that would allow you to throw grenades through the floor to bottom red
    -Adjusted ramps in the back of red base to prevent you from hiding in small parts of the wall/ceiling in bottom red
    - Touched up a few blocks to get rid of some z-fighting and to smooth out some areas

    I think that is all I have. The updated map is on my fileshare titled "Sandbarth V1.1". As always, please give it a try and let me know your feedback, both good and bad. Thank you!
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