4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Soontir Fel
    Gamertag: SoontirFel181st

    When constructing this map, I first set out to build what I imagined would be an ancient Forerunner holy site, co-opted by the Covenant for their own religious rites.

    The map is composed of 3 ‘rings’ at differing heights. The lowest and first ring is the smallest and overlooks a grassy knoll where sacrificial or other religious rites were carried out. It is on this knoll, the map’s lowest point, that the Energy Sword and a couple Plasma Grenades can be found.

    The second ring is slightly larger and elevated just above the first. The third and highest ring is where the majority of the combat flows and takes place.

    Intrepid Spartans will quickly learn that while the first and second rings offer little cover, they provide excellent flanking routes, and also house the only two Plasma Pistols on the map.

    The North and South ‘wings’ are where the asymmetry comes into play. The North wing features a Fuel Rod Gun, and grav lifts that exit just next to the green missiles from a room connected to the grassy knoll underneath. This room is also where the Shotgun is located.

    Traveling South from the knoll leads to a small room with a two-way teleporter, linked to the South wing; this wing is the highest point in the map, and houses the sole Grenade Launcher.

    Running from North to South from the second ring, and passing directly over the sacrificial knoll, is a bridge where the Rocket Launcher spawns.

    The amount, and frequency, of rockets in official, matchmade slayer games with no vehicles has always bothered me. As such, the Rocket Launcher respawns every three minutes, with only two rockets.

    The East and West wings are the Red and Blue bases, respectively.

    This map is only designed for competitive FFA slayer, 2v2 slayer, 3v3 slayer, and 4v4 slayer, with Magnum/AR starts. Combat is close quarters, frequent, and frenetic.

    It seems to particularly shine in 6-person FFA slayer and 3v3 slayer. It was not designed with the use of the jet pack in mind, however there are soft kill boundaries that will prevent any jet pack exploitation.


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