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  1. GrayishPoppy210
    "Deep below this eternal sanctum sleeps the ancient dragon. Be careful not to wake him in your fight for glory or you will perish like this once great city did, buried by his poison, long ago."

    SANCTUM is a 4v4 competitive map set in an ancient sanctum inspired by the dragon sanctum from dark souls 2's crown of the sunken king dlc.
    The map is, by far, my best core map to date and I hope to further improve it from future feedback.

    Currently the map only supports team slayer (recommended HCS settings), but more modes will be added in the future.

    Designing the map:
    The design started of inspired directly by a screenshot of the area from dark souls 2 on which it's based. This was the baseplate, for what is now the central room of the map.
    At first, I built out from this area, adding aesthetics as I went and trying to recreate as many areas from the dlc as possible, including Shulva, sanctum city, found just outside the dragon sanctum. This included the bridges between the sanctum and city, a ruined lopsided structure inside a cave, a curved corridor with a circular door at the end and the towers of the city itself. This lead to an ultimately confusing layout with tight doorways and minimal interesting encounters. It was on par with a lot of my previous work, but I knew I could do much much better.
    After scrapping this layout, I returned to the central room. This time I chose to properly blockout the layout and focus only on the interior of the sanctum. This yielded much better results and after numerous iterations and countless tests leading to changes to all the different areas of the map (I'm now on version 25), I am now very proud of the way the map plays. Of course, it's not perfect and will hopefully improve further still in future.
    The aesthetics are quite simple and may still be improved upon but I'm very happy with the lighting and atmosphere this provides.

    The layout(subject to change):
    The layout itself is difficult to fully describe and explain so please check it out for yourself. You will likely find gameplay is mainly focused on the central room, especially with players trying to control the upper central catwalk. However, gameplay quickly flows around the entire map with no one area seeming to rarely be used. Each area provides strong sightlines or height advantages over other areas of the map, but is also prone to multiple counters to keep gameplay flowing. In general, players stick to the higher platforms, but these are often very exposed and dropping down can provided needed cover as well as access to multiple routes which allow you to flank your enemies. The map also contains multiple jumps that may not be obvious to a player at first but can be used to provide great advantages in combat. (E.g. thrust jump from sniper base to top mid using the large circular doorway/setpiece which separates red side and mid)
    The map also contains a 2 way teleporter which quickly provides access between the lower central area where OS can be found and top mid near the hydra launcher.

    Weapons(subject to change):
    Sniper - 180s - 1 spare clip
    OS - 120s
    Hydra launcher - 90s - 1 spare clip
    Splinter grenade - 30s
    Plasma grenades ×2 -30s
    Needler - 45s - 1 spare clip
    Storm rifle - 45s - 100 energy
    Carbine - 45s - 1 spare clip
    Light rifle - 45s - 1 spare clip
    (I know hcs doesn't generally include autos or splinter nades but oh well)

    Thanks for all the feedback I have recieved so far. In particular thanks to:
    Brusky0086 and co.
    Max Extra and anyone involved in Forged Friday

    Hope you all enjoy the map. And please feel free to give any feedback you may have.


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    Oh I love this! I’ll check it out!
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    GrayishPoppy210 updated Sanctum (WIP) with a new update entry:

    Changes made after 4v4 contest judging

    Read the rest of this update entry...

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