4v4 Strongholds

Map Description

    This is it, I'm finally done and happy with what I have created. A project that I started 6 months ago that has gone under 10 different redesigns. Designed with Strongholds in mind, every capture point is unique so you have to plan your attacks differently.

    The Cage (aka Blue Spawn)
    Was designed to be cornered into the side of the map so players could fall back and use the stronghold area as cover but are at a disadvantage to ground pounds, attacks from fuel rods, and gravity hammers.

    The Bunker (aka Red Spawn)
    The bunker was designed to be a fairly open stronghold were being a great long range shooter is advantageous. If you can keep enemies at bay you can hold the stronghold for quite some time. But to help the common player Bunker has a lot of flanking areas.
    (designers note: the stronghold itself has a secret meta to it. If you are losing a fight throw grenades into the stronghold and in 3-5 secs the nade will explode with the same blast radius as the stronghold. This can help teammates who are in pursuit with their upcoming fight.)

    Oscars house (aka Oscars house)
    The reason I chose the name Oscars house is that its such a memorable name that players cant forget, unlike "pink one" or "blue tower" for example. In fact the prophet is named Oscar, so please be respectful of his house. I wanted the third stronghold to be one that is relatively easy to capture but also can be defended but requires a team to be coordinated. Its pure chaos.

    Special thanks:
    @xdemption (you know why)
    @ForgePeasant (for always being down to help test)
    @Auggie Burr (for constantly pushing me to make the best quality map that I can possibly make)
    @All of ATN(@Max Extra @Duke of Mearl) (for putting up with my map for this long
    And anyone I forgot to mention (this list could go on for a long time lol)

    For those who want to see any of the work leading up to this point go check out this thread:


Recent Reviews

  1. This is one of my favorite maps of all time. It plays Strongholds and Slayer very well and is always a fun experience


  1. CryingNeutrons

    CryingNeutrons Spartan II

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    oh I love the aesthetics. looks great!
  2. WAR

    WAR Cartographer
    The Creator Forge Critic

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    Excellent map here Slammers, I think its your best work to date. Been enjoying our tests over the course of the past few weeks. The atmosphere you pulled off here is really impressive.
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  3. DC Valorstrike

    DC Valorstrike Legendary
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    Love Suniaon themed maps, will be testing this one for sure
  4. QuietMan

    QuietMan Spartan I

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    Holy hell this looks sick!!!

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