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  1. Mynx

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    I've tackled my share of remakes over the course of Halo 5, but never felt inclined to attempt a recreation of Halo 2's Sanctuary until now. The combination of new Tidal objects, object count increase, detailed textures, and simple primitive blocks inspired me to try my hand at a remake I'd never done before with a level of detail that I'd never imagined would be possible in this forge. I hope you all enjoy a nostalgic experience, as I tried my best to capture the atmosphere and depth of Halo 2's very own Sanctuary.


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    There were a few sacrifices that I had to make to complete this map. Some sacrifices had to be made in the name of framerate, while others had to be made in the name of clamber. The most notable difference between Halo 2's Sanctuary and my remake is the height difference between each respective level of the map. To prevent players from traversing the map in ways that were not possible during Halo 2's time, the map had to be vertically scaled up, and also likely experienced some slight horizontal upscaling to accommodate for the ramps that would need to connect the levels. The classic version has no vertical upscaling, as clamber and other spartan abilities are not an issue for classic gameplay. The other sacrifices I had to make were on the aesthetics, and somewhat on the function of the pillars in flag, which were previously very detailed, but all consisted of six objects a piece where there is now only one. Blue side is sadly lacking in foliage, which when added, produces framerate on the opposing side of the map.


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    This map is compatible with Assault, Capture the Flag, and Slayer and supports 2-10 players. Weapon layouts are identical for all of the game modes with the exception of Assault, where the sword floats much higher in ring in order to prevent players from mistakenly grabbing it instead of the bomb, and vice versa.

    • 1x Energy Sword; 100% energy; 10 second respawn upon death/deletion
    • 2x Sniper Rifle; 2 spare clips; 120 seconds
    • 2x Shotgun; 0 spare clips; 10 second respawn upon death/deletion
    • 2x Plasma Pistol
    • 2x Carbine
    • 2x Needler
    • 2x Magnum
    • 2x Halo 2 Battle Rifle
    • 4x Brute Plasma Rifle
    • 6x Plasma Grenades
    • 8x Frag Grenades


    Special thanks to my homie Skatey for repeatedly breaking my map until it functioned at the level I liked and also helping with general map knowledge that I'd otherwise have no clue about. I would also like to give a shout-out to Neck and everyone else who dropped in on my stream and forge lobbies who motivated me to finish this project, and helped make sure my map was as accurate as possible.

    Thank you for reading, if you did (I don't blame you if you didn't). Follow me on Xbox Live (GT: Mynx) and Twitch ( as well to catch glimpses of future projects to come. Don't forget to download!


    PS: the outro cameras aren't working and I don't know why, would appreciate any help! Thanks again guys.

Recent Reviews

  1. brusky0086 brusky0086
    A solid remake
  2. Danix 92 Danix 92
    One of the most accurate remakes ever made in the hystory of forge in my opinion, attention to details is insane while the forging was preserved clear and polish, the size and proportions are great for h5 which was not easy to adapt from an original h2 map!
    Though if i prefered the halo reach sancutary this was 5 stars fully deserved!
    This "old" map reborn fantastically in h5, i hope to see others reamakes like that soon (really exited for Lockout and Guardian! hehe)
    Very good job!


  1. WAR

    WAR Cartographer
    The Creator Forge Critic

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    Sanctuary is one of my personal top 5 favorite Halo maps of all time and this is hands down best remake of Sanctuary I've ever seen! Glad you paid close attention to verticality and clamber heights. This will make a fantastic addition to the 4v4 remake playlist in the future. I'd personally add some variation to the terrain levels but can appreciate the respectful recreation of the original landscape. Great job with this Res.
  2. Starship Ghost

    Starship Ghost Legendary

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    Great work, Mynx. You should add a thumbnail to the classic version.
  3. PharmaGangsta1

    PharmaGangsta1 Dr. Deathpit

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    God dang, Sanctuary is such a good map. Nice remake :D
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