4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. KingxMikey
    **Since MCC does not currently have a way to share a link to in game File Shares on the Halo Waypoint website, in order to download the map please do the following:**
    1. Pull up the roster in the main menu of MCC (“X” Button for Xbox)
    2. Click on your name
    3. Go to “Find Player”
    4. Type in my Gamertag: KingxMikey
    5. Go to “File Share”
    6. Go to “Map Varients”
    7. Download the map "Sanction"

    Gamemodes available:
    •Invasion Slayer
    •Capture The Flag
    •King Of The Hill

    Map Notes:
    4 DMRs (max 8)
    4 Needle Rifles
    4 Sniper Rifles
    4 Shotguns
    4 Plasma Pistols
    4 Needlers
    1 Gravity Hammer
    8 plasma grenades
    8 frag grenades
    •Oddball and King Of The Hill only have one objective in the center.
    •Infection has a FX filter to make it darker.
    •Invasion Slayer Safe zone increasd in height for flying vehicles.
    •Invasion Slayer has unique spawn zone behind one-way shield. One-way shield will remain on normal game modes but act as a window only, for lighting purposes.
    •Race is set up to be linear race track with mines. Additional building blocks apply.


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