Rooftop Plaza

4v4 Slayer

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  1. Riftocity
    Update 1.3: Power weapons are no longer a Req varient, removed S Lazer, railgun and rocket launcher, power ups no longer in mid but are doubled, ladder grav modifier boundary enlarged, more cover added to the mid, map now colourized.

    Update 1.2
    : Reduced power weapon variety, spawn for power-ups are longer, more spawns added.

    1.1: Made power weapons hold less ammo when picked up, you now have max of one spare clip, unless Spartan Laser or Railgun, which has 100% and two spare shots.

    Welcome to the rooftops Spartans! This map is posted up ontop of a UNCS Navy office in the city of New Bronx (a city I totally made up, don't haze me with lore :( ). The map is rather dull in colour and luster, that is a choice I have made, I was given the idea when looking at an Elites body through the side of a circle decal. I thought it'd be cool to make a rather simple map with the aesthetics of something that is of concept art, with a little Mirrors Edge feel to it, although that came later in the process of making the map.

    The layout of the map is symmetrical and is pretty average in size (compared to my last map...oof) and is made for a max of two teams. There are a total of two weapon pads, at least one power up, and five placed power weapons, along with appropriate equipment and angles to counter and use them yourself. There is a high, low and mid ground and everything made on the map was all from scratch, no prefabs of any kind unless my own.

    The map is made for almost any arena game mode, it supports Assault, all forms of Slayer other than Multi-team, SWAT, Stronghold, CTF, Oddball, Breakout and Infected. The outro cinematics are giving me an issue so most of the time the endscreen will just be of the leaderboard.

    As always, please give me Constructive Criticism on my map, what I should do to improve, where my strong spots are, things of that nature.

    Map made by myself; CrypTic Zerr0
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