8v8 King of the Hill

Map Description

  1. Mr Metal Man

    Want a new challenge? This map has been the bane of many play-testers. Just when you thought you mastered all Halo mechanics, you were wrong.

    Supercharger is actually the map for the mini-game Rollin'. There is a Easy version AND and expert version of the map.

    The map(s) has 4 identical tracks, which have 4 total players on each track. The goal of the game is to reach the middle building, there's only 1 problem... The ground is lava! (Not literally, but soft kill boundaries)
    You must use a soccer ball to traverse the course, as to avoid touching the ground.
    It is a strange mechanic that takes some getting used too, but once you figure it out, it gets interesting.

    The spawn zone for each team.

    Initially, you will be confused on how to make it to the end in a timely manner. Here are some tips to mastering the mechanics.

    - Stand on the BACK of the ball to cause it to roll forward (opposite of real life physics)
    -Shooting the front of the ball while walking backwards causes the ball to move much faster
    -If the ball is out of control, completely stop moving to rebalance the ball.
    -There is an extra ball in the middle of each track.
    -On top of having a countdown to death after falling off the ball, you also lose your shield slowly. Once the shield is gone, other players can headshot you for a kill to reset you.
    -Shooting other players balls causes them to move backwards.

    Here's a view of the track for Supercharger (Easy Mode)

    Track view for Supercharger (Expert Mode)

    The center building (end objective)
    Once you reach the inner circle, the round instantly ends (and you get teleported out of the map :)

    To Download:
    -Open Halo MCC
    -Click on your gamertag
    -Select "Find Player"
    -Search "Mr Metai Man" (yes, that's an i)
    -Open my file share and download the game typed Rollin' +Supercharger (Easy Mode) + Supercharger (Expert Mode)


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