Rocky Road

4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. DudeWheresMyHog
    Made for the Forgehub Husky Raid contest, this is my first entry into anything of the type. I feel I learned a lot by working off a pre-made layout by someone more experienced. Adding the slight rise in the central area adds some slight cover for advancing players while the platforms in each base still allow cross-map coverage, at the cost of higher exposure. I also tilted the central area slightly to elongate the central combat area which I also decided to shift to a more organic aesthetic which eventually flowed to the boundaries of the map. The island with a single tree adds an optional, though much more risky, route to the enemy flag, but is much harder to use on the return. There is also a small lower ledge on the main ramps to allow some sneaky action.

    Unfortunately I was rather pressed for time as I saw the contest the day it was due, and therefore hope the entry is not insultingly rushed; I literally saw it this morning and immediately got to work. I did learn a lot though and had fun, though I hope to take it a bit slower next time.


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