Rocket Rush


Map Description

  1. lNeedMoreBleach
    rocket rush is an infection mini-game where the infected jump on mongoose and race the track while headed straight in the rocket fire.
    be the first too the end and kill the survivor.

    Hairy McClairy
    Kawecki 22
    b0b is here
    where all a great help in finishing the map so big thanks to them as always. some of the best forgers i know.

Recent Reviews

  1. KeeLoker KeeLoker
    The three things that really compliment this map are its simplicity, its replayability, and its aesthetics.

    When I first played this map, not much prior knowledge or information was given to the lobby before starting the game; however, after the first couple rounds, everyone was having having a blast (quite literally) and trying their best to get to the end. It's a good custom browser game as no explanation is really needed while at the same time being fun and enjoyable for both sides.

    The replayability is also something to note as even though I managed to get to the end and push the button several times, I still felt motivated to keep trying to get to the end first. It's also a nice surprise to become the gunner striving for survival.

    Most maps like this also come with a drawback of lacking in the aesthetic department, but the forgers definitely did not disappoint when it came to creating the detailed environment you get to play on. Although you might not notice it as much when you're driving and avoiding rockets flying towards you, it's something that must be appreciated.


  1. Ascend Hyperion

    Ascend Hyperion The Homeslice
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    Good timing on the actual map post

  2. hamish-k

    hamish-k ODST

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    Happy to see this map out it was fun helping you with the halo 1 keys artwork
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  3. ZombieDyer

    ZombieDyer Spartan I

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    nice map furry ;)
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