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  1. D3LTA V
    This BTB map is a heavily remixed version of H2 Vista's Uplift. Sarizon and I decided to make it work for Halo 5. I hope you get a lot of nostalgia with the layout, architecture, and the Iconic Narrows bridge from H3. Risen has been Playtested and tweaked many times, so it is ready and fun to play. Please bookmark and enjoy!

Recent Reviews

  1. D4rkDeath D4rkDeath
    Such a fun map! Gratz on it going into MM! Great gameplay! The open sight lines work mostly well and the bridge is fantastic! Great job guys! Always a joy to play! I'm sure you will find the right counter to that Wasp!


  1. xXBarthXx

    xXBarthXx Heroic
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    Beautiful map guys! Played on it the other night and enjoyed every minute of it. Well done :)
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  2. BrutalButtSlaps

    BrutalButtSlaps Spartan III

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    Map was a blast to play during the testing period. For me, I truely love how it delivers the nostalgia. Its not trying to hard to be a remake and it is still impactful. There was moments of hilarity and clutchness while playing. Its the moments on the map that make it a win for me, not the asthetics. Great job guys!
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  3. Soldat Du Christ

    Soldat Du Christ Spartan III
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    Hey man absolutely great map! Good work mixing together various elements of past Halo btb map. I sense some ques taken from narrows and i approve!
  4. Preacher001

    Preacher001 Promethean
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    Bookmarked this ages ago and never got around to hoping on and giving it a go. I gotta say, me and my buds were incredibly impressed with this take on Uplift. I never quite got into Uplift even back in the day but this map impressed from the get go. The Narrows influence was well received and completely worked on this map. I currently don't have much to critique here since we only played it once and were in awe for most of the match but the boys were adamant about putting it in the mix.

    Seldom do I prefer community reimagining's over the originals but this map is absolutely one of them. I honestly would love to see an official remake of this map in Infinite but since (to my dismay) developers don't make a habit of using community maps as the template for an official map I hope to see you remake this in Infinite when the time comes.

    I would love to see the same care, creativity and polish put into a map like Waterworks.

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