4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. TheElderAcorn
    Ridge is a small asymmetrical atrium based map built on the Skyward canvas. The map features four color coded sections that players with flow through and contest. The straight forward layout is easy to understand but lends to hyper competitive matches due to the open visibility, flow, callouts, and teamwork potential. The four vertical sections and overall flow through the map can be used in a variety of ways giving players many options in moving, controlling, and trapping. Because of the layout's overall flexibility, you'll find gameplay shifting towards every area of the map, giving each section playtime and offering loads of strategic depth within the design. To get Ridge to flow well I kept any area with power (sightlines) fairly open to insure player movement through that area and into the next. Red, green, and blue are mainly set up into two sections each, spawning/protected and tower/open. This is good for the movement through the map as well as the spawning set ups. Each section has one power weapon making movement required to control the weapons. The ideal gametypes on Ridge would be 4v4 hill, slayer, ball and 2v2 slayer.


    OS: 90
    Camo: 120
    Sniper: 90
    PP: 90
    SSMGx2: 70
    fragsx2: 60
    plasmasx2: 60

    Anyways I've talked up the map about as much as I could cuz im a scrubby tryhard. Please try out the map yourself and leave any and all feedback!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Box Knows Box Knows
    Despite the fact I am hardly ever in custom lobbies with you, when I see this map come on to play next I get so excited lmao. Both 2v2 and 4v4 are great
  2. Pretty solid asymm that's gone through more than its fair share of revisions. While enjoyable to play, something has always felt off about it. It's a map I do enjoy on occasion, but it lacks something to make it truly memorable.
  3. Blaze Blaze
    One of my favorites. Left a more detailed comment below.
  4. I had a really fun time playing on this map with you Acorn. The map flowed well and every area of the map was crucial to the layout. I would still like to play this 4v4, good luck on HCS!


  1. Chronmeister

    Chronmeister Blockhead
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    This map is one of the best Ive seen in the MCC. Nice work! Keeping it simple but interesting is the hardest thing to do IMO and you have done that really well here.
  2. Blaze

    Blaze Sustain Designer
    Forge Critic Creative Force Senior Member

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    This would definitely be my pick for HCS King. Playing defense on the hills while I teammate occupies it feels very natural. Every time I play this I have a really good time whether it's 2v2 or 4v4. Still sad the window jump was removed but I totally understand why it had to be done. Haha. Good job and good luck in the HCS line up.
  3. Xandrith

    Xandrith Heroic
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    Just lookin at her makes me wanna get sweaty!
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    CANADIAN ECHO Legendary
    Forge Critic Senior Member

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    Map needs more 45 degree angles. looks pretty square.. parden my words :p
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  5. TheElderAcorn

    TheElderAcorn Video Team
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    If it works it works, the map plays how it should and no angles were required :)

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