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  1. Starship Forge
    This is as aesthetic map of an RGB Gaming PC. It's scripted to have multiple RGB presets & animations, which are controlled via a terminal on the starting platform.

    This doesn't represent my own PC (I have an old HP laptop from 2006); it's basically a dream build.

    This dream build includes: a Core i7 7700K, Kraken X62 AIO liquid cooler, an Asus z170 Aura Gaming Motherboard, 16 GB of gskill RGB ram, a GTX 1080 Ti, a 250 GB SSD OS/boot drive, a 500 GB SSD for games, a 3 TB HDD for mass storage/Steam library, a blu ray player (I like physical media), a curved ultrawide monitor, an RGB keyboard, and gaming mouse.

    No screenshots linked to the file on Waypoint, unfortunately (not until the bug is fixed).


  1. TheLunarRaptor

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    So I tried turning it on and it wont play anything, i'm sorry but this computer is not recommended.
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  2. The Grim Dealer

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    lol who uses a disc drive in 2017 :p

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