Relic Raceway


Map Description

  1. CaptainDireWolf
    Legend says the ancient ones built a giant tomb to hide away the glorious artifacts of the ages. All record of its existence was lost, save for knowledge of it heavily guarded by booby traps...

    Relic Raceway is an easy to moderate difficulty race, where you get to discover ancient artifacts tucked away in booby-trapped temples. My goal was to create a memorable race where those in last place still have a chance to overtake those unworthy of the temple's many traps. The map meshes Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones-eque style obstacles, such as spinning blades, rock rolling, and spikes to name a few. Discoveries include lost temples, the golden idol, the fiery Sankara Stones, and the Ark of the Covenant. (I thought this appropriate considering this is halo.)


    I hope you enjoy this relic raiding race experience.
    Only the penitent man will pass...​

Recent Reviews

  1. God Damn DireWolf... you create a better race track on your first try than I have in all 8 years of my race forging existence!! Amazing job


  1. D4rkDeath

    D4rkDeath ONI Agent
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    This looks dope man!
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  2. CaptainDireWolf

    CaptainDireWolf Forger of the Wild
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    Thanks man! Hopefully it plays as well as it looks ;)
  3. Kenjamin1 MI

    Kenjamin1 MI Legendary
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    There may be face-melting if you get to close to the ark.

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