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  1. Buddy Jumps

    Relay Race is a new competitive minigame, in which teams of four players race against each other on a short course.

    One player of each team starts off and has to complete the first round. After completion the next teammate has to do his run, and so on, until the last player of each team. He gets teleported to the middle of the course and has to climb the pyramid in front, grab the ball and win the game with 5 points.

    At the firing range a player has to stand on his rectangle (team colour) and shoot the floating targets in front (far away). If done so correctly, the according red cross will despawn and let the player pass.

    Relay Race is playable with 8, 12 and even 16 players!
    Machinima mode is enabled, so fellow teammates can watch the runs. Don't forget to change back into first person mode on time, otherwise you could miss the "handover"!

    This game could be pretty exciting in a tournament. I imagine "Team Youtube" vs "Team Forgehub" vs "Team Halocustoms" vs ..., or something like that.

    I would watch that for sure. It'd be fun.

    Shoutouts to Eggnoggg for helping me with the scripting of the first iteration of this map.
    Through his scripts I could learn more about scripting in Halo 5 in general and was able to redo the scripting from scratch due to map changes. Thank you, Egg!


    There is a perfect way of beating the course! Clamber speed is slower giving players that beat the obstacles without clambering an advantage.


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    Perfect Round

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  1. ducain23

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    Played the map and this is extremely fun!! But one issue... the Yellow and Green cans you need to shoot are switched (green team needs to shoot yellow and yellow team needs to shoot green)... it is an easy fix though :)
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  2. Buddy Jumps

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    Glad, you enjoy it, Ducain. ^^ Thanks a lot, I have to fix this immediately. :yes:
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