1v1 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Korlash
    Relapse is a multifloored 1v1 map designed by Wheezymoney from "the days of Halo 3." When looking through people's sketchups, I came across this and eventually asked him if I could forge this map (which at that point, the sketch was released a whole year ago). <br /><br />A long time has gone by (without him being around or responding), so I decided to bring it to life. I first forged it in Halo 3 and once again in early Reach. Those two times, I re-imagined the map and they never came out so well, when considering extra cover, lifts, and tunnels. Towards the end of Reach, I took another stab at it and stayed true to the original design (the sketch above).<br /><br />The layout of this map is a simple and small, but vertical design that is essentially an uphill climb when taking the hard route. However, there is a one-way teleporter that sends you from the lowest to the highest level. There is also a teleporter from side to side among the bottom so you can find a good route without being completely exposed. As for lazy cover...there is none.