Red Rover

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Red Rover started out as a map called Back Forth, the concept of this map started from an attempt to create and back and forth mentality of using gravity lifts to enter the enemy base, and attempt to take the flag, I still intend to use this idea, but at a later date, as I'm still trying to make it make sense.

    Instead, I decided to overhaul the entire map and balance it for 4v4 and 4-player ffa gametypes.

    Red Rover consists of two bases set opposite of eachother with one more built around fire with lighting setting the mood and and a grav lift and clamber being the only means to access the top.
    While blue base is more themed around water with a waterfall in the back coming from a cliff to balance the fact that the top floor can be accessed from a ramp in the front, plenty of cover for players can be found on the bottom floor setting up plenty of defense points when playing gametypes like strongholds and assault. the midsection of the map consists of a forerunner structure that has a bottom layer with multiple arches that hold plasma and frag grenades, an Overshield is located in the very middle of the map under the middle arch. The top floor holds a scattershot and a rocket launcher, the player will also find splinter grenades on this floor. Multiple ways exist for the player to get up here, offering multiple points of entry as well as defense.

    Other weapons include
    -H2 Battle Rifle
    -Storm Rifle Fury



    - Slayer
    -FFA Slayer


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