Red Imperial Union

Map Description

  1. K27R

    Public Download Now Available! To Download, Please CLICK HERE

    Welcome to the
    Red Imperial Union, a new & developing clan!

    If you would like to know more information about my clan visit this page: CLICK HERE

    We also have a list of job openings: CLICK HERE

    LAYOUT: The RIU HQ is an aesthetic recruitment base that took many long hard days to build. It is now 99% complete. Created by Clan Master K27R, renowned for creating unique maps such as Kingdom Hearts, Moscow, and more!


    - Entrance Room

    - Control Room

    - Prison / Jail

    - Torture Chamber

    - 2 Isolation Rooms

    - Court Room

    - Interrogation Room

    - Meeting Room

    - 2 Interview Rooms

    - Shooting Range

    - Armoury

    - Security Password Code

    - Garden

    - Play Room (special access members only. Features a Bar and 4 gametypes: Mongoose Sumo, Night of the Mantis, Octagon, Funhouse Fat Kid Activity #1)

    - Aquarium

    - Private Clan Master HQ

    - War Room (display of clan history, alliances, wars and trophies.

    Prefabs: Password Code, RIU Aquarium 1 & 2, K27R (initials), Prison Jail 1 & 2, Torture Cages!

    To Download these prefabs, CLICK HERE

    TRAINING: RIU specialises in different types of training unusual and different from other clans and regular Halo players. For example, I’ll be not only hosting my maps in custom games, but many of my maps can also be used for training in our Teamwork Test (2).

    Another thing we train in for example is to protect ally tanks.

    *Special thanks to some of the prefab creators.

    *For more pics go to Xbox DVR and search K27R


    • What is your reason for letting this map become available for download?

    • After consulting several members of the Red Imperial Union and considering a poll I posted on Waypoint, I decided that it would be best to help all clans thrive in Halo 5 before the population dies and moves over to Halo 6. So please enjoy yourselves while Halo 5 is still at its peak! We also wanted others to appreciate the map, especially the play room which is obviously the most fun area (that is if your clan allows you to enter)

    NOTE: By downloading you recognise K27R as the author and acknowledge the Red Imperial Union may offer this map / recruitment clan base for a limited time only!

    NOTE: Password Code has been reset to 1 2 3. If you would like to customise your own password, you can swap the buttons in forge mode.


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