Rebels Mud 2

8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. K27R
    Quick trench warfare map I made in late July 2018. Comes with a matching gametype. Serves as a sequel to Rebels Mud 1 but plays very differently.

    There is a lore to this map: The UNSC and Rebels are both seeking to control these islands; Perfect timing when considering the hurricane storm!

    To win: you basically need to throw the bomb into the enemy spawning territory! Skill will NOT win you this fight - only perseverance and teamwork will!

    16 PLAYERS ONLY!!!

    Not build for small skirmishes. The more players the better!

    Spawning is instant. Reason for this is to provide an atmosphere of never ending troops always charging forward on both sides!

    Pic pretty much sums up total map. Only one I have at the moment too

    Note: Gametype needs an edit to reduce score to 1.


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    You're stepping on my toes, brother.

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