Rats nest

8v8 Slayer

Map Description

  1. starkey213036
    Rat's Nest is a large indoor map that resembles a Crow's Nest campaign level area, with internal vehicle-accessible pathways, narrow hallways, walkways suspended over areas, and vents. In the distance, Pelicans and Hornets pass. It was used by the UNSC as a weapons, fuel and ammunition storage facility.This map is essentially a large track in the shape of an 8 (note, a digital 8, which means that vehicles must turn 90 degrees to cross directly from side to side). The map is extremely open and vehicle-based around its entire perimeter and center, with melee combat and medium-sized rooms everywhere else. He has two Warthogs and Mangooses stationed outside of both bases. Small rooms connect each base. Around the edge of the map is a small open-air road.
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