Rain Song


Map Description

  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    Rain Song

    A casual race on Barrens (twilight) for Mongoose or Warthog.

    15 Checkpoints (score 30 for 2 laps, 45 for 3 laps)

    Use the standard race gametype (Alpine Rally Race) or your favorite variation. Linked gametype 'HALO Motorsports' has the Rally Hog as default. If you have a large group, I'd recommend using the Mongoose, too many Warthogs can clog up the tunnel sections.

    *This map includes vehicles as scenery elements, some race gametype variants will not spawn map-set vehicles. If you don't see them, that could be why.

    Fun with friends and classic rock!

    In the spirit of driving-sims like Forza, GranTurismo and such, and other race games that offer 'mirror' maps. This map is the reverse circuit of my map - "OverTheHills and FarAway". Essentially the same map, just minor adjustments to path and environment. As always, Have Fun, Drive Fast! Cheers, JAMN

    **Please feel free to drop on the music from Led Zeppelin's 'Houses of the Holy' while driving these maps. Enjoy your Drive!


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